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Network path fails to build

Unfortunately had to uninstall this package for this error. This package doesn't seem to want to build when this is installed and the project is at a network path. We use network paths when deve...

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Private NuGet servers

Can you consider adding support for asking the user where they'd like to publish their package? We'd like to publish to an internal private NuGet server but don't know exactly how to do this withou...

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Basic Auth Userername and Password

Is there any way of adding username and password prompts for a nuget service that is running basic auth

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Doesn't work with Windows 10 Universal Class Libraries

I love this script! But I was saddened to find it didn't work with UWP class libraries.

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Empty $versionNumber causes build error

I'm using VS 2013 Ultimate and these bits to create a NuGet package in Post Build and over all it works, but if I try to set $versionNumber to "", I get the following error despite what the comment...

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Regex for finding build configurations is too loose.

First I really like the project, very useful. However I hit a problem where the regex: ".$Configuration\|$Platform." used to identify build configurations in a target csproj file and set the ...

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Referenced Projects and Build server

I am creating a nuget package of a class library project that reference another class library project in the same solution. I add -IncludeReferencedProjects to the packOption variable in

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hi, It saved my time to create a package. However, after 2-3 successful builds, i faced the error which says: The command "REM create a nuget package for this project and place .nupkg file in th...

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Problem with the version parameter

Hello, I´m using the following batch code to build and push a nuget package from jenkins to my private feed (Source and API Key are in the nuget.config defined): @echo off git log -1 --pretty=%%B ...

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Feature Request (CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild): Semantic versioning

Hi. Thank you for CreateNewNuGetPackageFromProjectAfterEachBuild. I'd like to request the ability to use semantic versioning for nuget packages such that nuget packages only use major.minor.pat...

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