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Common\Linked Assembly Information


Similar to the other question I just asked about having a common Config.ps1... I have a common AssemblyVersionInfo.cs in my solution. Each project links to this so that I only have to change the version for the solution and not per project.

The issue: Silverlight 5 nupkg is not reflecting this updated information. Class Libraries (C#, VB, WPF) are building nuget packages based on this, but not a silverlight 5 package.

The DLL of the projects all come out fine (file/product versions change based on linked file), and the nuget packages for all of the solutions are affected as well... except for Silverlight. The DLL for a silverlight is 1.0.8, but the nuget package comes out 1.0.0.
Closed Apr 13 at 7:12 AM by deadlydog
Closing due to lack of response and suspect that it's a NuGet.exe bug or configuration bug, not a bug with this script.


deadlydog wrote Jul 16, 2014 at 5:57 PM

Hmmmm, I wonder if this is a NuGet.exe bug. I assume if you try and pack the project yourself using NuGet.exe from the command line the problem occurs that way as well?

i.e. NuGet.exe pack [path to silverlight project]

If so, I would report it on the NuGet site (

The other things to check are that the silverlight project is not using a .nuspec file, or if it is then it should use the $version$ token for the version number element in the xml, and that the silverlight project's Config.ps1 does not have a value specified for the $versionNumber variable.